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We’ve decided to share some of our experiences while developing SFTool. We’ll talk about interactions with the building community, challenges we’ve overcome designing the site, and other stories about putting high-performance ideas into practice.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SFTool on the Road – NFMT Conference

In our efforts to be a leader in green building education, SFTool goes out to meet building professionals and spread the good word on buying, building, and living green in your building. This month, we will be at the National Facilities Management & Technology Conference/Exposition in Baltimore, Maryland from March 22-24.

The focus of our booth is the Federal Facilities Skills Assessment Tool (FEDSAT). FEDSAT is a no-cost online skills assessment tool designed to help federal facilities personnel comply with the Federal Buildings Personnel Training act (FBPTA) of 2010. FEDSAT allows FBPTA affected personnel to demonstrate knowledge of high priority FBPTA “performances,” defined as typical job functions for facilities personnel.

FEDSAT helps facility managers assess their knowledge of the high-priority performances, fill gaps in those performances, and locate free training resources available from the Federal government, industry associations, and other sources, including resources that count for continuing education credits.

GSA’s Facilities Management Institute allows federal facility managers to manage and track progress towards fulfilling FBPTA requirements, and FEDSAT is fully integrated with the system to evaluate personnel on the 80 highest-priority performances. FMI also allows qualified individuals to ‘opt out’ of certain performances in FEDSAT if they are already satisfied by another professional certification or educational course.

Come over to booth #2395 and chat with us about everything FEDSAT and our other educational resources have to offer! We’ll be looking sharp, like we did at the Greenbuild Conference in November – check it out below!

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